Used Airguns For Sale

WARRANTY: NO WARRANTY is OFFERED or IMPLIED in any way for used airguns. All airguns will be resealed upon purchase agreement as well in working condition with sights(unless otherwise stated) ALL used AIRGUNS are "Offered - AS-IS". Pictures will be furnished upon request

Prices listed here do NOT include shipping - Email Sue for more information.

ModelDescriptionPower SourceAsking Price
Crosman 66Single shot .177 or BBPumper$65
Crosman 140.22 Caliber Early Variant ONLYPumper$180
Crosman 180.22 Caliber Crossbolt Safety and Die-Cast AvailableCO2$150
Crosman 500BB CaliberCO2$70
Crosman 760BB or .177 Caliber Plastic ReceiverPumper$30-$40
Crosman 760BB or .177 Caliber Metal Receiver, Styrene StockPumper$50
Crosman 760BB or .177 Caliber Metal Receiver, Wood StockPumper$70
Crosman 766BB or .177 Caliber Pumper$50
Crosman 1077.177 Caliber RepeaterCO2$75
Crosman 2100BB or .177 CaliberPumper$50
Crosman Air 17BB or .177 Caliber Single Pump$100
Crosman M-1BB CaliberSpringer$150
Crosman V350BB CaliberSpringer$90
Crosman V3500BB Caliber Springer$100
Crosman 38C.22/.177 Caliber Revolver CO2$70
Crosman 38T.22/.177 Caliber Revolver CO2$70
Crosman 130.22 Caliber Pumper$80
Crosman 150.22 Caliber CO2$90
Crosman 338.BB Caliber CO2$45
Crosman 357.177 Caliber 4" & 6" Barrel Version available, Both grip style availableCO2$45
Crosman 454BB Caliber Repeater CO2$55
Crosman 1600BB Caliber Repeater CO2$50
Crosman Mark I.22 Caliber Target CO2$150
Other Crosman Models are available but in very limited quantities